Wednesday, August 17, 2011


so for the past few weeks ive been trying to find something to fill my time, seems that the last stretch of summer seems boring if i have nowhere to go before school starts; therefore i found a hobby. decoupage! yes, decoupage, as in the stuff you did in art class back in the day with tissue paper and mod podge. except i expanded the paper selection to scrapbook paper, magazines..anything i could find really. so i went to the craft store and found two 11x14 canvases for $6! sold! then i bought 6 pieces of scrapbook paper for 59 cents each, some mod podge, and those foam brush thingies. 

my ultimate goal is to make some new wall art for my room but i figured i would test my skills and start small with some personalized pieces for the bff jam and myself. so i went home and looked through old magazines for anything i liked and laid stuff out for planning. i found little words and pictures and all sorts of fun stuff. i told my mom it was more like a little inspiration board haha

next was gluing cutting paper to size and gluing stuff down. just smear a good amount of the mod podge to hold stuff down, then go over it gently to keep it in place. normally i hate crafts and stuff that requires creativity but i actually enjoyed this since it was like a collage and looked cute no matter where i placed stuff (or at least i think it all turned out well!)

Friday, August 5, 2011

i love home projects

i just cant describe how much i love having a home of my own to have fun with and take care of. last summer i painted the downstairs half bath a dark purple to go with a panoramic picture i had. bad choice, the bathroom is small enough so a heavy color like purple made it feel even smaller. so i decided to switch it up and do a nice light tropical-ish blue (again, to match another picture i have..i like having something to go off of!) heres right when we started painting:

So mom and i painted and this is what turned out. i bought pieces to make a frame from Michael's for the painting i had, as well as an easy-to-put-together wall shelving unit that i got for $20! love. so now the bathroom looks much bigger than before, and not to mention much cuter. maybe i should start a business doing home projects for people! haha

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

state-hopping and loving it

hooo man i been bouncing around like the ball over a sing-a-long childrens movie! mom and i drove all da way to lake almanor (northern california) for 4th of july weekend, with 3 cats and dog in tow, and shoots! that was quite the drive! but soooo worth it...

we have done it pretty much every year as long as i can 'member thanks to my grandparents who bought the tiny cabin in the 60's and we are very grateful for that! its such a cute, small-town feel there. on the 4th there is a parade with classic cars, random people, and logging/lumber trucks...pretty fun. and of course we go to the american legion's pancake breakfast. omnomnom. but then the fireworks at night are classic. they do them off 'peaceful point' at the end of the peninsula, so the boats all flock thataway and the people pull out the chairs and sit along the lake to watch the fireworks. one by one. haha none of this fancy, huge fireworks show here! just slow, plenty of time for ooo-ing and ahh-ing.
it was a fun weekend of sun and relexation to say the least. 
then we drove all the way back to bootah and i got home at 10pm just to unpack, do a load of laundry, print my boarding pass, and repack my crap. off to baltimore i went on wednesday to start my adventure with elika to drive her car all the way across the country! (she lived in virginia, moving to hawaii, hence the need to transport the car) i got there wednesday night and the laughs began when i got in the car. thursday morning we woke up early to spend the day in DC, just a train and metro ride away. this is when it got interesting. the train ride was not so bad, but the metro was way confusing at first! we almost ended up going the wrong way! but with our indigenous navigation skills we figured it out and made it to DC. holy humidity! i dont know what temperature it was but the humidity was dis-gus-ting. we walked to the washington monument and was like we just hopped out of the shower, but grosser. so we didnt walk all the way to the lincoln memorial which is when zoom on the camera came in handy..

the next day we began our trek from maryland to utah. now ive done long road trips on my own before and enjoy them but this was something else entirely. first stop was starbucks of course. day 1 wasnt so bad, nothing too exciting. we (or should i say elika) drove until it got dark then stopped in some random small town in ohio. day 2 the boredom set in a little, so we bought fake mustaches at a service plaza (which btw are the coolest rest stops in the world. the western hemisphere of the US needs those ASAP!) the night of day 2 we planned on stopping around 8:30 cause we was hungry and tired! so we stopped at the next town in iowa (the state full of corn) which ended up being super small and sketchy. hele on to the next town for another hour or so and there was finally a decent motel! perfect right? wrong. no vacancy. drive another 40 minutes to council bluffs, finally civilazation! get a stinky/muggy room after a visit to the BK lounge for some eats and call it an night. day 3 i was determined to finish the drive and get to utah. it was the longest day of my life because i-80 is the most boring drive ever. but we made it and i will only post one picture of the flat, boring drive just to give you an idea of what this was like. the only way we survived was loud music and laughter at/with each other so it really was not all that bad :)
mission accomplished:Maryland,DC,Pennsylvania,Ohio,Indiana,Illinois,Iowa,Nebraska,Wyoming,Utah.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

2nd father's day...

..without me daddy here. last year (the first one without him) i was with my sister, who had a completely  different relationship with our dad than i did, but it was good to be with family nonetheless. it was hard cause she didnt know him like i did, and to be honest i was angry he wasnt there for me to celebrate him. (for those of you reading this that dont know, my dad passed away may 4, 2010) Last year i was distracted (probably subconsciously on purpose since part of the grieving process is denial) and trying not to think about that father's day being different, and every father's day from then on. i remember shopping with jessica and store clerks asking if i was shopping for father's day. i wanted to be mad but they didnt know, so id just politely say 'no'. it was hard, im not gonna lie and say that death is an easy thing because you cant possibly describe it, nobody knows until they go through it themselves and i dont wish that on anyone. but the point of this post is not death! its remembering him how i knew him; as my daddy :)
now he and my mom did not have the best relationship that i knew of but every father's day when i was younger she would help me make a t-shirt and cookies for him. the t-shirt had my handprint traced in puff-paint on the front and my footprint on the back. i made cards for him a lot of the time and when he passed, in his belongings was a binder of the most random crap i made him haha i love that he appreciated the little things i did and the time we spent together. i didnt have a perfect childhood (then again who actually does?) but on the days that i got to see him he would take me to thrifty's for an ice cream, or we would 'cruise' in his car, we would eat whatever i wanted (which i can probably attribute to my chubby years as a kid lol), he would tell me crazy stories of his childhood in hawaii with his 10 siblings, we would watch planes land and take off on the shore of the bay, and not to mention he taught me innumerable life lessons that i cant forget. I thought he was the funniest and most knowledgeable dad in the world. as i grew older i learned to appreciate him more, and i came to realize how many sacrifices parents make for their kids. of course all the memories i keep of him are not perfect, but i choose to remember the positive ones of good times to make the loss a lot easier. 
the last few years of his life i seem to remember more clearly, but looking back on the past few years i see him soften up (just a little, he still downplayed the whole heart attack thing when i was on the phone with him) and be more open with himself and loving the people around him. i love hearing how other people knew him as well. the most meaningful thing to me is that my last phone conversation with him, i felt prompted to tell him that i loved him (which i didnt do too often). its amazing how those little words can mean so much to someone when they have truth behind them. 
so all in all happy father's day to all dad's out there, and especially to mine in memory "a hui hou" <3

Monday, June 13, 2011

nostalgia is my favorite word

nostalgia: a longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations
it just encompasses everything when i think back to simpler times and happier days.
i miss the days spent at gram's eating oranges from the orange tree in the back that grandpa would peel for me.
i miss driving around in dad's old mustang listening to music that i probably shouldn't have at that age and getting ice cream from thrifty's for 25 cents.
i miss going for walks late on a summer night when it was still warm and all the neighbors were out, and the blow up pool in the backyard was warm from being in the sun all day.
i miss mom and i going on a day-cation to all the cool places in reach in the bay area. i miss swimming and swim meets where we'd all lay around waiting for the next event.
i miss the things friends and would do in high school like hang out at someone's house, go to jack in the box at 4 in the morning, make and watch stupid videos.
the list goes on.. 
but from all these memories come motivation to make life enjoyable so that in the future i can look back with nostalgia on these times. and while a lot of the people i grew up with are gone and moved on, passed on, or we have just lost touch, they remain in my mind and continuously teach me to remember the good things because nobody wants to dwell on the not-so-great times. nostalgia to me is not a sadness or wishing i could go back; rather it is remembering all the good things in my life so far.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ombre hair..why not

so i decided about two days ago that i wanted to try the ombre hair look for a spring change-up. the most basic way i can think to describe it is the ends are lighter than the roots. ok so its not really that simple, its more of a gradual fade..remember when you were a kid and the ends of your hair were sunkissed from being in the summer sun? ok well i do, thats what its like. jessica biel, rachel bilson, drew barrymore, and some others are celebs who have tried ombre hair..
so i told my amazing stylist, who had never done it before but had seen it done, that rachel bilson was the look i was going for. it was experimental for us both lol but it came out super cute ( i think, i may be biased seeing as its on my head) but it was quite the process for sure. basically she bleached it mixed with some color then went back and toned it. so here's the finished product on me, i realize the angles are weird but look at that color!

welp there it go do some spring cleaning! or in my case, spring beautification