Wednesday, April 13, 2011

ombre hair..why not

so i decided about two days ago that i wanted to try the ombre hair look for a spring change-up. the most basic way i can think to describe it is the ends are lighter than the roots. ok so its not really that simple, its more of a gradual fade..remember when you were a kid and the ends of your hair were sunkissed from being in the summer sun? ok well i do, thats what its like. jessica biel, rachel bilson, drew barrymore, and some others are celebs who have tried ombre hair..
so i told my amazing stylist, who had never done it before but had seen it done, that rachel bilson was the look i was going for. it was experimental for us both lol but it came out super cute ( i think, i may be biased seeing as its on my head) but it was quite the process for sure. basically she bleached it mixed with some color then went back and toned it. so here's the finished product on me, i realize the angles are weird but look at that color!

welp there it go do some spring cleaning! or in my case, spring beautification