Wednesday, July 13, 2011

state-hopping and loving it

hooo man i been bouncing around like the ball over a sing-a-long childrens movie! mom and i drove all da way to lake almanor (northern california) for 4th of july weekend, with 3 cats and dog in tow, and shoots! that was quite the drive! but soooo worth it...

we have done it pretty much every year as long as i can 'member thanks to my grandparents who bought the tiny cabin in the 60's and we are very grateful for that! its such a cute, small-town feel there. on the 4th there is a parade with classic cars, random people, and logging/lumber trucks...pretty fun. and of course we go to the american legion's pancake breakfast. omnomnom. but then the fireworks at night are classic. they do them off 'peaceful point' at the end of the peninsula, so the boats all flock thataway and the people pull out the chairs and sit along the lake to watch the fireworks. one by one. haha none of this fancy, huge fireworks show here! just slow, plenty of time for ooo-ing and ahh-ing.
it was a fun weekend of sun and relexation to say the least. 
then we drove all the way back to bootah and i got home at 10pm just to unpack, do a load of laundry, print my boarding pass, and repack my crap. off to baltimore i went on wednesday to start my adventure with elika to drive her car all the way across the country! (she lived in virginia, moving to hawaii, hence the need to transport the car) i got there wednesday night and the laughs began when i got in the car. thursday morning we woke up early to spend the day in DC, just a train and metro ride away. this is when it got interesting. the train ride was not so bad, but the metro was way confusing at first! we almost ended up going the wrong way! but with our indigenous navigation skills we figured it out and made it to DC. holy humidity! i dont know what temperature it was but the humidity was dis-gus-ting. we walked to the washington monument and was like we just hopped out of the shower, but grosser. so we didnt walk all the way to the lincoln memorial which is when zoom on the camera came in handy..

the next day we began our trek from maryland to utah. now ive done long road trips on my own before and enjoy them but this was something else entirely. first stop was starbucks of course. day 1 wasnt so bad, nothing too exciting. we (or should i say elika) drove until it got dark then stopped in some random small town in ohio. day 2 the boredom set in a little, so we bought fake mustaches at a service plaza (which btw are the coolest rest stops in the world. the western hemisphere of the US needs those ASAP!) the night of day 2 we planned on stopping around 8:30 cause we was hungry and tired! so we stopped at the next town in iowa (the state full of corn) which ended up being super small and sketchy. hele on to the next town for another hour or so and there was finally a decent motel! perfect right? wrong. no vacancy. drive another 40 minutes to council bluffs, finally civilazation! get a stinky/muggy room after a visit to the BK lounge for some eats and call it an night. day 3 i was determined to finish the drive and get to utah. it was the longest day of my life because i-80 is the most boring drive ever. but we made it and i will only post one picture of the flat, boring drive just to give you an idea of what this was like. the only way we survived was loud music and laughter at/with each other so it really was not all that bad :)
mission accomplished:Maryland,DC,Pennsylvania,Ohio,Indiana,Illinois,Iowa,Nebraska,Wyoming,Utah.

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