Wednesday, August 17, 2011


so for the past few weeks ive been trying to find something to fill my time, seems that the last stretch of summer seems boring if i have nowhere to go before school starts; therefore i found a hobby. decoupage! yes, decoupage, as in the stuff you did in art class back in the day with tissue paper and mod podge. except i expanded the paper selection to scrapbook paper, magazines..anything i could find really. so i went to the craft store and found two 11x14 canvases for $6! sold! then i bought 6 pieces of scrapbook paper for 59 cents each, some mod podge, and those foam brush thingies. 

my ultimate goal is to make some new wall art for my room but i figured i would test my skills and start small with some personalized pieces for the bff jam and myself. so i went home and looked through old magazines for anything i liked and laid stuff out for planning. i found little words and pictures and all sorts of fun stuff. i told my mom it was more like a little inspiration board haha

next was gluing cutting paper to size and gluing stuff down. just smear a good amount of the mod podge to hold stuff down, then go over it gently to keep it in place. normally i hate crafts and stuff that requires creativity but i actually enjoyed this since it was like a collage and looked cute no matter where i placed stuff (or at least i think it all turned out well!)

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