Friday, August 5, 2011

i love home projects

i just cant describe how much i love having a home of my own to have fun with and take care of. last summer i painted the downstairs half bath a dark purple to go with a panoramic picture i had. bad choice, the bathroom is small enough so a heavy color like purple made it feel even smaller. so i decided to switch it up and do a nice light tropical-ish blue (again, to match another picture i have..i like having something to go off of!) heres right when we started painting:

So mom and i painted and this is what turned out. i bought pieces to make a frame from Michael's for the painting i had, as well as an easy-to-put-together wall shelving unit that i got for $20! love. so now the bathroom looks much bigger than before, and not to mention much cuter. maybe i should start a business doing home projects for people! haha

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