Monday, April 2, 2012

mini "cinnamon rolls"

So yesterday was April General Conference, my favorite time of year is conference. Mom came down to my house and we (ok, she)cooked all day because I am busy with school so she made various meals for me to have ready to eat for the week. she's amazing right?! well anyway, she was making quiche and had an extra ready-made pie crust and so i took it, slathered some melted butter on it (about a tablespoon), and sprinkled a good cup or cup and a half of cinnamon sugar on it. I rolled it up and cut it into 8 round pieces and popped them in the oven in a greased pie pan for 15-20 minutes at 350. I made some simple icing for them with a half cup of powedered and a tiny bit of milk (just enough to barely moisten it) and mixed it up. When my mini treats came out of the oven and were golden brown and crispy around the edges, i dabbed a little bit of icing on them and that melted down over them. voila! mini "cinnamon rolls". a quick and super easy breakfast treat a classic that my mom's grandma used to do for them when they were kids on thanksgiving when they had leftover pie crust, and also something my mom did for me growing up. so try em! share our lil family 'tradition'.

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