Saturday, April 14, 2012

Trending now: fringe bikini..DIY!

soo while I was in california last weekend, I went to nordstrom to buy pink glitter toms for my two year old niece. they were adorable on her and she kept calling them her "dancing shoes" cause that girl loves to dance. Anyway, while I was there I wandered past the swimwear for this season and became obsessed with a neon green (and also the turquoise one) fringe bikini bandeau top...but I was not obsessed with the $70 price tag. Since then I had been thinking of a way to re-create that look. So I found an inexpensive bikini top for $4.50 at forever 21 and decided to make it my own, mine is a bandeau but this would look cute on a halter too. I was feeling creative today and went to Joann fabrics and picked out a neon pink swimsuit material for $16.99 per yard. I got a quarter yard and some 100% polyester thread in purple (because it has more give than cotton for stretchy fabrics). A quarter yard is more than enough, which gave me room for mistakes. I cut the fabric to the shape of the bandeau top and decided to do the same shape along the bottom of the fringe instead of a straight edge. I began cutting small strips almost to the top of the piece of fabric, not all the way so i had room to sew the top edge to the swimsuit itself.

 The cutting of the strips was a little time consuming, but you can cut them as skinny or as wide as you want them to be (The sharper your scissors the better). I prefer a skinnier look. And voila! this is the finished product. You can also do the bottoms of your bikini if you want, but I just did the top so I can mix & match my swimmies for fun :) now go try it! make your own custom cute bikini for the summer for under $10!

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