Friday, May 4, 2012

Two years' eve

Two years ago tomorrow, may 4th, my dad passed away unexpectedly. Losing a loved one and readjusting to life 'without' them is no easy feat for the family and friends that were close to that person. losing my dad was no exception.
Nobody looks back on life and thinks, “man Im glad I worked all those hours”. Instead, people think about all the fun and positive things they did with the people they cared about. Looking at my dad’s life ive decided to expound on a few of the positive attributes that he demonstrated and how he has influenced me.
My dad was one to help others in any way possible. Help pay friends' bills, change a light bulb for my grandma, hand some cash to a homeless person on the street, help someone push their stalled car (cause his old mustang needed to be pushed more often than not so he was probably paying it forward haha)...anything to help someone who needed it more than he did, he always did what he could. I try to remember this about him because I think we can all use a little help, and we can all benefit from service to others here and there.

he always told me to be friends with all kinds of people and be nice to everyone. he taught me not to discriminate and that all people have something to offer. he definitely practiced what he preached..he was friendly to everyone. the kind of friendly where he would go into a store and be on first-name/talk-story basis with the people working there. he knew people all across the country because of his frequent cross-country road trips even in the most random tiny towns in the middle of nowhere. i admired that about him..and i think i got the driving bug from him because i can drive for hours on end by myself and love it haha

his passion, his laughter and his voice are things i hope to remember forever because his voice was strong yet caring, and you could tell when he was passionate about something. wether it was about his work with the union or family or hawaii or food...anything..his voice and his laughter had a presence. even in writing, his voice came through. when i was very young, he would write me lengthy letters about things that i did not understand then, but thankfully my mom kept all the cards and letters he gave me over the years. he would write sentiments in cards and words of wisdom in 6+ page letters and im glad he did because i have them all and i read them and hear his voice. his laughter was unexpected because he always looked serious to someone who didnt know him just because of his large physical stature, but he loved to laugh and make others laugh. and he was good at it.

looking back on the last two years, even after my dad has passed on, i can still see his influence in my life and i know that will continue. just because a person is "gone" does not mean they are forgotten. 
always, "a hui hou" 

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