Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thank you to the greatest men in my life

Thank you dad for:
Giving me your sense of humor, showing me how to befriend all kinds of people regardless of race, "status", or age, for not always being the perfect example because you were only human, for discovering your roots and teaching me a knowledge of our background, for providing half of my good looks because I still see you when I look in the mirror or at  my siblings, for you and mom giving me a bunch of different names because I get to explain them all every time someone finds out my full name, for teaching me how to make and appreciate ono foods, teaching me (sometimes the hard way) to be tough and independent like you, but yet to have a little bit of a soft side even though it stays hidden most of the time, for spoiling me even when times were hard and I was a brat because I now appreciate all you did for me now more than ever, for leaving me endless wisdoms that didn't make sense at the time but continuously become more and more relevant as time goes on, for having such a distinct voice that I can still hear you call me "booboo" and "puka shell"...the gratitude I have for my dad is endless and increases everyday that he's been "gone".

Thank you grandpa Ted for:
Being the kindest, most gentle, loving man, for always cutting an orange for me from the tree in the backyard, for letting me sit on your lap on the bench swing, for being so photogenic that every picture of you makes the rest of us look bad, for loving gram and setting that example of a great marriage, for always wearing that scary mask on Halloween even though I hated it it made me laugh, for watching jeopardy and wheel of fortune so often that it now always reminds me of you, for teaching mom to have integrity and how to fix things and everything else she knows because she's passed it all down to me, for buying and building on to the cabin and leaving that place for us to enjoy and remind us of you, for always building the fire on Christmas morning, for letting me play in your workshop and office even though I probably broke or messed up some things...I'm grateful for every memory I have of my grandpa because he left this world a little early in my life, but I am so glad I was able to grow up only a few block from him and gram because they both taught me a lot.

Thank you grandpa David for:
Being the most righteous example of a priesthood holder I have ever known, for remembering every single detail of me and all your kids, grand kids, great grand kids, and all of our families and making us feel like the only one in the Miles family every time we see you, for being so willing to help with everything at anytime no matter what, for loving grandma so much and showing me how important temple marriage is, for adopting 11 brown kids including my dad, for being a great, for giving all you can and serving others nonstop. I hope to continue to make you proud and learn all I can from you in the future.

My mom today asked "have you talked to your dad today? I know you can reach him" and that hit me hard because I feel that since I haven't been able to call him or receive any of his emails full of advice and wisdom I have somewhat forgotten that I can still talk to him. I know he is on the other side watching over us who are still here, doing the Lords work, and probably busy talking story with everyone there. My grandpa Ted has also passed on but I am thankful for the time I did spend with him. My grandpa David is alive and well so I make it a priority to spend time with him and my grandma, especially because I didn't grow up near them. Luckily since I have lived in Utah the last few years I have been able to see them often.

With it being Father's Day today, please express your appreciation for the fathers in your life. 

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